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Turkish Delight

vodka. ceylon tea. lemon. orange bitters. orange blossom water



tequila. lustau rosé. cucumber. lime


Heavy Meadow

gin. mastiha. cocchi rosa. chamomile. lemon. soda


Charlie Don't Surf

rum. pelinkovac. pineapple. coconut. lime. almond. branca menta


Kafka On The Shore

japanese whisky. amontillado sherry. drambuie. banana. orgeat. lime. angostura


When Doves Cry

mezcal. reposado tequila. grapefruit. poblano. kümmel. lime. soda. chili salt


Negroni Primavera

gin. bitter bianco. rosé vermouth. fennel. tarragon


Arak & A Hard Place

rye whiskey. cognac. mec arak. péche de vigne. peychauds bitters


Turkish Coffee Martini

vodka. Turkish coffee. averna. cardamom




pilsner. or



mountain mama citra pale ale. wa



nitro amber ale. or


Ft. George

vortex ipa. or


Bauman's Cider Co.

loganberry cider. or


Beer & Cider

Bottles & Cans

Aval Cider

blanc cider. fr. 330ml


Ninkasi Brewing Co.

northwest lager. or. 12oz



kolsch. or. 16oz


Reuben's Brews

hazealicious. wa. 12oz



speedway imperial coffee stout. or. 16oz



dark lager. il. 330ml


No Proof

Worth a Chai

masala chai. pineapple. anise. almond. cardamom. lime


Get A Jallab

tamarind. date. pomegranate. rose water. pistachio


Phony Negroni

st. agrestis. ny. 220ml


Untitled Art

n/a italian pilsner. wi. 12oz


House Made Ginger Soda


Moroccan Mint Tea

lightly sweetened. served hot or cold


Mondariz Sparkling Water


Bottled Sodas

coke or sprite


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