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Sesame Collective creates connection through curated hospitality and exploration.

Locally owned and operated in Portland, Oregon, our culturally driven restaurants offer Mediterranean cuisine through seven different locations, each with their own personality and unique dining experience. By bringing people together over a shared love of food, beverage, and service to create unity and community, we believe we can make the world a better place.


Alex Bartending at MEC

Alex Vining | Bar Lead

Mediterranean Exploration Company

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Meet our Team

Natalie Gullish
Culinary Director
Erin Christy
Service Director
Laura AMans
Partner & Chief People Officer
Kasey Mills
Partner & Executive Chef
Catherine Stokes
HR Administrative manager
Jennica Nishida
HR Coordinator
Lyndsey Caldwell
Pastry Assistant
Joanna Scarpelli
Beverage Director
Jen Tamai
Asst. Service Director
Jeffrey Morrell
Operations Manager
Austin Phelps
Creative Director


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