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Employee Highlight - July '24

We're kicking off our inaugural monthly employee highlights with a very special one. We want to take a moment to acknowledge and give thanks to our talented team at Dolly Olive for all the hard work they've put in over the past few months.

Not only have they been absolutely crushing every service at Dolly Olive itself but they've also been putting in a TON of hard work getting ready for the launch of Bar Dolly!

We're going to specifically talk about a few people here, but we really need to give thanks to the entire team for coming together to make this all happen.

Casey Brigan Headshot

Casey Brigan | Chef de Cuisine

Casey is an absolute all-star. He has been with our kitchen team since the start of Dolly Olive. He started out as a Sous Chef and quickly worked his way into the Chef de Cuisine role. He has been putting in a ton of work to get our back of house team ready for a busy summer. He's been working alongside Sesame Collective Culinary Director Natalie Gullish to develop and implement all the new food items for the Bar Dolly menu. Dolly Olive wouldn't be what it is today without Casey and all the hard work he puts in for his team day in and day out !

Michele Sinfield Headshots

Michele Sinfield | Service Director

Michele is the Mom of the Front of House here at Dolly Olive and we are so lucky to have her leading our team. Michele has been with the company for years now. She started off working over at Shalom Y'all before she made the transition to running our front of house team here at Dolly Olive. Michele manages to perfectly balance all of the moving pieces of writing schedules, leading services, and managing team and guest relations. Michele has gone above and beyond to ensure that all the logistical pieces are in place for the launch of Bar Dolly.


Drew Dahms Headshot

Drew Dahmns | Beverage Director

Drew is the main point of contact for all things beverage related. He is a well of knowledge when it comes to wine and cocktails and he is a great facilitator when it comes to enabling our bar team to work their magic. He has been working diligently alongside Sesame Collective Beverage Director Joanna Scarpelli to prepare all the Bar Dolly beverage offerings. Not only is Drew incredibly talented but he also brings an incredible positivity to everything he does and that outlook helps move projects forward with an excellent polish.


That's it for this month! We are incredibly fortunate to work alongside such a talented team and we couldn't be more thankful for all their hard work and passion. We are excited to share more details about the launch of Bar Dolly. We'll be sharing more info soon so keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the coming days.




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